Procell Therapies MicroChanneling and Stem Cell Therapy

Microneedling vs Microchanneling; What’s the Difference?

Microneedling has established it’s popularity with both skin care professionals and their clients for the reduction of acne scars, fine lines, sun spots, age spots, laxity, and for rejuvenating aging skin. Microneedling has been positioned as an alternative to more invasive treatments like lasers and deep chemical peels, and has proven to be a legitimate alternative for many people seeking anti-aging and corrective results for skin imperfections without the risk and downtime of more invasive treatments.

Microchanneling for Fine Lines

Procell Microchanneling for Fine Lines – 4 Treatments

More recently a treatment called “Microchanneling” has been gaining traction, and we’ve been asked what the difference is enough times, that it’s time to put it in writing. And the answer is yes! There is a difference, and it’s worth knowing about.

Dermatologists have long known that the power of the immune system can be harnessed to rejuvenate the skin. But in the past the only way to access that power was to cause a significant injury to the skin, get the patient through the down-time, manage the recovery, and see results and improvement in aging and sun damaged skin. But what if there were another way, (a less invasive way) to channel that same wound healing power toward skin rejuvenation and anti-aging, and do it with virtually no damage to skin, little to no downtime, using the  power of Stem Cells (and more specifically the powers of the peptides, growth factors and cytokines they produce to heal our injuries and cure our ills)?

The practitioners of microchanneling claim that is just what they have, and since about 2015 microchanneling has been making inroads into the world of skin rejuvenation that are nothing short of remarkable. Results like the ones shown here for both anti-aging, and corrective results are certainly impressive. But really? Is it anything different than the microneedlng of the past?

In simple terms microchanneling is a less invasive skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment that uses shorter wire filaments than microneedling devices, and they’re used to stimulate the stem cells of the stratum basal in the epidermis, (rather than using invasive needles to damage dermal cells and fibroblasts). And the secret behind the growing popularity and success of microchanneling, is that microchanneling is proving that Less is More.

Microchanneling 5 Yrs After

This is a Procell Therapies Microchanneling client after 5 years of regular treatments

Microchanneling stimulates collagen production and a wound healing cascade in your skin without an actual wound. And it does it two ways, 1. stimulation of gene expression of healing cytokines by your immune system, 2. amplification of that gene expression via topical application of a cytokine concentrate that stimulates the rapid deposition of very high quality collagen.

The results skin care professionals are seeing from this new, less invasive skin care treatment are making heads turn across the country and around the world as people look for safer, less painful ways to achieve corrective results for wrinkles, scars, fine lines and aging skin. And for younger people, the anti-aging benefits of regular microneedling session are impressive.

And the most exciting thing microchanneling is helping us understand, is that microchannel delivery of cytokine based products, (derived from the human immune system) means that we have the ability to do more, and more (in the way of improving results) with less and less, (damage, downtime and pain). So stay tuned, because the products delivered via microchannels are going to be ever more sophisticated, targeted, and even personalized as researchers decode the incredibly sophisticated power of the immune system, and how it can work to improve aging skin, and better help skin resist those dreadful signs of premature aging.

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