ezGel is the premier Autologous Volumizing Injectable, (AVI) representing a new category of cosmetic injectable that is a natural adjunct, or alternative to traditional fillers.

ezGel AVI is made with PRF and Albumin manipulated via temperature to form an injectable Gel that behaves similar to Sculptra, but for use the delicate peri-oral and peri-ocular areas. The fibrin matrix preserves a robust cocktail of Cytokines and Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Leukocytes  that release collagen stimulating signals that volumize over time naturally, and without an overly “done” look.

The ezGEL AVI kits contain everything you need to inject 3 to 6 CC’s of ezGel AVI Gel per session.

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Linked below is Dr. Rajani’s latest video on ezGel AVI a Sculptra like collagen stimulating injectable for around the eyes and mouth especially!

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