American Laser University Denver Aesthetic Workshop

American Laser University can help you get your LASER & Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Training Certificate and qualify for ongoing LASER & IPL coaching.


Laser Physics

Join us American Laser University for a LASER/IPL class that you can attend in person, or virtually.

Classes are offered monthly, or can be scheduled virtually at your convenience.

If you, your medical director, or someone else on your team would like to get more IPL/LASER training and a certificate, ALU offers more knowledge and support in our one day course than most get in two weeks with other courses.
ALU can can customize the hours of  training to your requirements, and we have options for virtual and hands-on training.
Our certificates have been recognized throughout the aesthetic & insurance industries for over 20 years.
When: Monthly or virtual at your convenience
Where: Denver Colorado Campus Hands-on or Virtual
How Much? $500.00 – $1,500.00 per person
Why: Get your LASER/IPL Certificate!
In Person or Virtual certificates can be earned.
Laser Light
If you’d like to join us on CONTACT US and our student services department will assess your needs, your schedule and your situation, and customize a LASER/IPL training and certification program that meets your needs.
You’ll learn:
  • The Physics of Light
  • Laser & IPL Mechanics
  • Light/Tissue Interaction
  • History of LASER
  • History of IPL



  • —Chromophores
  • —Absorption Characteristics
  • —Selective Photothermolysis
  • —Depth of Penetration & Wavelengths
  • Common aesthetic LASER & IPL Systems
  • Skin Physiology
  • Skin Types, Ethnicity & LASER
  • Choosing Appropriate Settings
  • Contra-indications
  • Prep
  • Interoperative Care
  • Post Care

American Laser University Denver Aesthetic Workshop


American Laser University is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mountain Coast Distributors, Inc.
Money Back Guarantee:
American Laser University offers a money back guarantee on all training and certification courses. Students who are not completely satisfied may refuse their certificate at the end of a training course, and 100% of their registration fee will be refunded immediately. Acceptance of a certificate from American LASER University by a student shall constitute an attestation of complete satisfaction.
Post Graduate Coaching and Support:
American Laser University offers ongoing Laser and IPL coaching and advice to all students. Students who hold an American Laser University certificate may contact American Laser University staff requesting guidance and advice on the use of any particular device, and shall receive all such support as is within the knowledge or reasonably expected research capabilities of American Laser University.

Mountain Coast & American LASER University are your sources for advanced Medical & Aesthetic Technologies and Training

Call: (Eight Hundred) 551-5582

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