NovaThreads Face Lift

Novathreads are the only PDO threads for facial, jawline & neck application made in America.

If you are new to PDO threads, we have a variety of training options, including Private Training, small group trainings Onsite – or in the Denver Metro Area.















Before and After 12 barb and 40 smooth/twist threads courtesy of Sharon Higuchi, N.P.
Denver, Colorado

Once you have the confidence of world class hands-on training, choose from a variety of molded, barbed, smooth and twist threads all preloaded on polished blunt cannula, or needle.

Watch below as Kian Karimi, MD describe the Novathreads Dual Cut Barb 4 & 5 and Infinity Plus Molded Thread Technology:

Novathreads Barb5 Thread

















Novathreads Infinity Plus Molded PDO thread is the longest lasting, American made, cannula-loaded PDO thread on the market, and is lifting the limits of PDO thread results.

Novathreads Infinity Threasd


The NovaThreads Infinity Plus cannula loaded, molded thread  takes full advantage of the strength and longevity of a molded-barbed thread, while optimizing the space in the cannula. A higher PDO density in the cannula, means a longer lasting thread, more adherance capacity, and a better result.


Although NOVATHREADS can be placed almost anywhere, one particular area of concern for aging patients is the lower face, jaw & neck. Novathreads answers the call with Molded and Barbed threads, mounted on cannula with blunt tips that are “hyper-polished” for the smoothest delivery, and most accurate placement.

Combine the molded and barbed threads with strategically placed “meshes” of smooth and twist threads to stimulate collagen and give an appearance of smoother texture and you can produce results your patients will see IMMEDIATELY. (And they’ll tell their friends)!

Novathreads are Polydioxanone (PDO) threads which have been used for biomedical applications, (particularly cardio thoracic surgery) because PDO is fully absorbed by hydrolysis within 4 to 6 months & creates NO scar tissue. PDO stimulates collagen synthesis & the collagen structure created will rermain in place for another 12 to 15 months.

Unmatched quality

Novathreads patented, American Made PDO threads are endorsed and highly recommended by Key Opinion Leaders and experts throughout the aesthetic field. We continue to enhance and improve our devices based on constant research and development along with user feedback from our practitioners.

Novathreads is continually developing new threads and placement techniques. Constant innovation and regular peer to peer dialog ensures that you, the artist, can focus on the craft and not the tools.

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