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NeuViva is the only Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure using both CO2 LASER and Radio Frequency (RF) to treat both the superficial, and deep tissues associated with Vagina Health.

CO2 applied to the vaginal wall promotes vaginal mucosal revitalization.

Radio-Frequency applied to the deeper sub-mucosal tissues address “leakage”.

Neuviva offers a true return to vaginal health. It is typically delegated to licensed medical professionals under the supervision of a medical doctor, in an office environment without anesthesia and with minimal discomfort and side effects.

NeuViva outperforms it’s contemporaries by providing the best available modalities for Total Vagina Rejuvenation.

Vaginal health issues are commonly seen in post-menopausal women, but can affect any woman who has had a hysterectomy or cancer therapy. There are many reasons why this condition can occur and it affects millions of women.

A simple 15 minute procedure, performed one to three times, no anesthesia!

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Tissue remodeling and collagen contraction are caused by the ablative and thermal effects of LASER, and Deep Tissue Heating unique to RF.

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Heated fibroblasts can stimulate collagen production. Formation of new collagen increases the volume of the superficial and deep mucosa.

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And the elements of Neuviva are also effective for traditional skin rejuvenation!

The Edge One CO2 LASER System is also a full feature Surgical/Fractional CO2 LASER platform.

Featuring: multiple “dot” sized from 120¼m to 800¼m, the delivery of continuous superficial ablation for “lunchtime” skin toning & delivery of traditional full CO2, fractional CO2 resurfacing, or surgical CO2 LASER.

The Edge One has the most advanced CO2 Tube on the market with proprietary “pre-pumping”, for higher peak power and longer CO2 tube life, and performs the entire spectrum of all traditional CO2, and CO2 Fractional skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation procedures.

INTRAgen LASER/RF Combo for Vaginal REjuvenationThe RF element of Neuviva is powered by Intragen, which measures impedance parameters and automatically delivers the perfect amount of RF energy for deep, sub-mucosal vaginal rejuvenation, and traditional RF skin rejuvenation.

No need to measure the average temperature of the surface to guess whether a particular layer has been effectively treated, or not. No more guessing! Intragen utilizes patented RF Impedance Matching technology that redefines RF rejuvenation treatments.


IntraGen Hand Piece

The grid fractional applicator spreads out the RF energy to protect delicate mucosal & epidermal layers and creates a uniform thermal zone below the surface for safe, reproducible and consistent results. Because the current is divided among many micro electrodes, there is no risk of burns due to RF arcing between the electrode and skin.

The energy is optimized for each treatment by an active impedance feedback system.
Safe treatment is provided by thermal contact of the grid protecting tissue.
A multi-pulse function enables the energy to penetrate comfortably into deep areas. Real-time Impedance Feedback acts as a Thermostat, to control energy delivery in real time.

Through a proprietary impedance feedback mechanism, Intragen delivers the ideal RF energy to deep dermal tissue for skin rejuvenation, and deep sub-mucosal tissue for vaginal rejuvenation. Impedance matching and temperature monitoring enable Intragen to reach precise temperatures in tissue that, until now, have never been directly monitored. Intragen enables repeatable, predictable outcomes. No more guessing, Intragen redefines RF skin treatments and vaginal rejuvenation from the inside out.

IntraGen Impedance Matching



INTRAGEN System Image















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