The use of Blood Concentrates is becoming more and more popular in medical Aesthetics.

Patients like the idea of using their own cells instead of a synthetic alternative in their quest for a younger and fresher look.

ezPRF is the result of years of experience and study that has led us to the ULTIMATE blood concentrate!

Why is PRF better than PRP?

1. More Cells!

Not only does EZPRF contain more platelets per mcL, it also has leukocytes (White Blood Cells) & mesenchymal stem cells!

We could also call it the “Platelet, Leukocyte & Mesenchymal-stem-cells Concentrate”, but that would be a bit long winded, wouldn’t it?

2. The Fibrin Scaffold!

As plasma clots into fibrin it allows for a much slower release of the growth factors and cytokines.

ezPRF contains more cells, resulting in more GFs, kept active longer and released for a much longer period of time.

Up to 10x the platelet concentration.

How is that Possible?

We’re only using about 1/10th of the volume collected. And because we’re spinning at a very low G-Force, the platelet recovery is very close to 100%!

The EZMINI starter system is the most advanced Blood Concentrate system enabling the production of autologous Platelet-Rich-Fibrin (PRF).

The EZMINISPIN is the smallest centrifuge on the market capable of hosting up to 6x13mL test tubes. It has been pre-configured with our two customized EZPRF settings, and retains the ability to be set manually should the user feel the need to use a different centrifugation speed and time.

The ezPRF Starter System includes:

  • One ezMINISPIN- Multi-Speed Centrifuge (spins from 500 to 5000 RPM)
  • Five EZ2K – 2 Tube PRF Sets
  • Five EZ4K – 4 Tube PRF Sets

Our first kit, the EZ2K, contains two 13ml tubes for treatments requiring 3 to 6cc of blood concentrate, (microneedling, hair restoration). The other kit, the EZ4k, contains four 13 ml tubes and will yield up to10cc, (Injectable filler and fat transfer):

1 x blood collection set,
1 x 25G 1″ Dermasculp®,
1 x 22G 2″ Dermasculpt®,
1 x disposable tourniquet,
2 x luer-lock 3ml syringes,
1 x luer-lock 5ml syringe,
1 x female luer-lock connector,
2 x 22G 2  transfer needles,
1 x 30G 1½ ” sharp needle,
1 x 27G 1½ ” sharp needles.

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