DiamondTome Microdermabrasion Return on Investment

DiamondTome Tx Female Patient

DiamondTome microdermabrasion is in demand!

You might want to know how much money (return on investment, or ROI) to expect from your microderm practice. Here we provide some real world numbers to work with as you decide what, and when to buy.

Contact Us to recieve a free “ROI” Calculator. This Excel spreadsheet allows you to plug in your own numbers and really understand what kind of volume you’ll need in order to pay for your system, and make money!

According to research just concluded for the year 2011, the average nationwide price for a single microderm treatment is $85.00.
The average retail charge for a package of 6 treatments was $425.

Our average Dermatology/surgical practice saw $27,300.00 in gross revenue from DiamondTome.
Our average Medical Spa Client saw $32,400.00 in gross revenue.
Our Average Day Spa client saw $28,500.00 in gross revenue.
Our average Independent Aesthetician client saw $16,100.00 in gross revenue.

With overhead, equipment amortization, and disposables, our clients averaged about a 300% return on investment in 2011. And since most of our clients paid their systems off years ago, their profits were even higher.

Keep in mind that since 1999 microderm has been in the top three of most popular non invasive treatment in aesthetic skin care (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

Since DiamondTome, crystal free microderm systems began to dominate the market in the early 2000s, the average equipment/disposable cost per procedure has been reduced to 40 cents per procedure or less, and practitioners report that aestheticians find DiamondTome easier to perform, and are therefore more likely to aggressively market the service.

We’ve seen the advent of crystal free diamond microdermabrasion with DiamondTome and NewApeel take “old fashioned” crystal microderm, and transform it into a treatment that’s modern, relevant, and more popular than ever.

And with the advance in cosmeceutical infusion with the new HydroWand Facial, DiamondTome can be counted on to provide innovative and exciting new treatment options today, and on into the future.

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DiamondTome Microderm for Crows Feet and Fine Lines

When you desire a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, microdermabrasion can be the perfect, non invasive treatment with no downtime.

Because DiamondTome has eliminated the irritation of crystals your aesthetician can now work all the way to your eyelashes, including the eyelid!

DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion works 2 ways on the delicate skin around your eyes. The diamond abrasion planes the fine lines down, and the vacuum action promotes collagen production to work from the inside out. This will noticeably reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet, as well as diminish the appearance of dark circle and bags under your eyes.

And DiamondTome is clinically proven to thicken the epidermal layer, which “plump” fine lines and crows feet, along with reducing the appearance of small visible blood vessels.

Ask your aesthetician if she’s made the switch to DiamondTome, because now there is the HydroWand Facial attachment that infuses topical products into your skin. We’ve seen amazing results for plumping fine lines with Hyaluronic Acid, along with dramatically faster skin lightening whether using Hydroquinone, or other, less irritating skin lighteners. The combination of DiamondTome exfoliation and HydroWand infusion is perhaps the most effective non invasive treatment for fine lines, crows feet, and overall rejuvenation around the eyes.

DiamondTome and the HydroWand Facial are also the perfect compliment for DOT Therapy Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, and Reaction Cellutite Reduction and Facial Contouring!

Contact Mountain Coast Distributors to learn about our specialized training module focusing on tight work around the eyes and how you can give your clients a treatment that is beyond anything else available in the aesthetic industry! Schedule a demonstration today! And ask us for Chapter 1 of our free E-book “Maximizing your Microdermabrasion Practice”. Call (303) 489-9203


Tips on Buying a Microderm Machine

After nearly 20 years in the business I’ve made plenty of mistakes in buying equipment. Especially microdermabrasion machines, (especially used microdermabrasion machines).

Here are my best tips to avoid pitfalls and get yourself a michine you can count on:

  • Never buy a microdermabrasion machine without a guarantee! Things can go wrong, and no warranty equals a nightmare!
  • Find out if the seller can provide training. It’s worth paying extra for training on a machine you’ve never used. You don’t want to be surprised by anything after you buy.
  • Ask if there are “proprietary normal wear parts”. These are parts, (like filters, tips and tubing) only made by the manufacturer that you’ll have to buy on a regular basis. Every machine has them, but you need to know the cost before you decide to buy your machine.
  • Ask the seller if all of the filters on a machine are EXTERNAL, (meaning you can change them yourself). If they can’t answer you, or don’t know, run away! They’re either scammers, or don’t know what their talking about! If an internal filter fails, your machine could be ruined!
  • Beware of crystal machines, especially used ones, but even new ones. We’ve had machines less than 2 years old where the crystals had penetrated the filters, and the vacuum pump goes out. And then we’ve had the company we bought it from blame our maintenance… which leads to my next point.
  • Find out about the maintenance required. Remember, if you and your staff have to remember to change filters, or check levels, blow out tubes, or do all sorts of maintenance on a regular basis, you can bet someone will forget, or get it wrong, and then you’ve got a broken machine, and quite possibly no warranty coverage.
  • Ask the seller how many tubing connections are there on the machine that could clog. The more tubing there is the more problems you’ll have.
  • Ask if the seller can provide references, (other people who use the machine).
  • Ask to see the machine. Any seller who won’t offer a demonstration, (or a money back guarantee) is not worth doing business with.

We’ve got experience with almost every type of crystal microdermabrasion machine and diamond microdermabrasion machines. We even had the HydraFacial machine that cost over $20,000.00 and was the biggest clogging headache, money pit we ever tried.

A few years ago we bought the DiamondTome and have recently added the HydroWand Facial upgrade. Now our microderm machine always works, never clogs, and is easy to combine with IPL, Laser, Botox & fillers, low level laser, LED, chemical peels, and masques. The training was AMAZING, and I learned some new twists and tricks that our clients LOVE!

The HydroWands are nice because we now use our retail products during infusion treatments, and we don’t have to keep buying proprietary products that don’t help our bottom line.

Good luck out there! – Jeanne – Winter Park, FL

Contact Mountain Coast Distributors to learn more or schedule a demonstration today, and to receive Chapter 1 of our free ebook on Maximizing your Microdermabrasion Practice. Call (303) 489-9203