Tips on Buying a Microderm Machine

After nearly 20 years in the business I’ve made plenty of mistakes in buying equipment. Especially microdermabrasion machines, (especially used microdermabrasion machines).

Here are my best tips to avoid pitfalls and get yourself a michine you can count on:

  • Never buy a microdermabrasion machine without a guarantee! Things can go wrong, and no warranty equals a nightmare!
  • Find out if the seller can provide training. It’s worth paying extra for training on a machine you’ve never used. You don’t want to be surprised by anything after you buy.
  • Ask if there are “proprietary normal wear parts”. These are parts, (like filters, tips and tubing) only made by the manufacturer that you’ll have to buy on a regular basis. Every machine has them, but you need to know the cost before you decide to buy your machine.
  • Ask the seller if all of the filters on a machine are EXTERNAL, (meaning you can change them yourself). If they can’t answer you, or don’t know, run away! They’re either scammers, or don’t know what their talking about! If an internal filter fails, your machine could be ruined!
  • Beware of crystal machines, especially used ones, but even new ones. We’ve had machines less than 2 years old where the crystals had penetrated the filters, and the vacuum pump goes out. And then we’ve had the company we bought it from blame our maintenance… which leads to my next point.
  • Find out about the maintenance required. Remember, if you and your staff have to remember to change filters, or check levels, blow out tubes, or do all sorts of maintenance on a regular basis, you can bet someone will forget, or get it wrong, and then you’ve got a broken machine, and quite possibly no warranty coverage.
  • Ask the seller how many tubing connections are there on the machine that could clog. The more tubing there is the more problems you’ll have.
  • Ask if the seller can provide references, (other people who use the machine).
  • Ask to see the machine. Any seller who won’t offer a demonstration, (or a money back guarantee) is not worth doing business with.

We’ve got experience with almost every type of crystal microdermabrasion machine and diamond microdermabrasion machines. We even had the HydraFacial machine that cost over $20,000.00 and was the biggest clogging headache, money pit we ever tried.

A few years ago we bought the DiamondTome and have recently added the HydroWand Facial upgrade. Now our microderm machine always works, never clogs, and is easy to combine with IPL, Laser, Botox & fillers, low level laser, LED, chemical peels, and masques. The training was AMAZING, and I learned some new twists and tricks that our clients LOVE!

The HydroWands are nice because we now use our retail products during infusion treatments, and we don’t have to keep buying proprietary products that don’t help our bottom line.

Good luck out there! – Jeanne – Winter Park, FL

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