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How May Procell Microchanneling Improve Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Age related hair loss is not well understood, but is thought to be attributable to 4 primary factors: Thinning of aging skin miniaturizes follicles Decreased blood supply miniaturizes follicles Hormonal imbalances miniaturize follicles Genetic predisposition Procell is the only service that addresses the 3 factors that are treatable: Procell may thicken both epidermal […]

Procell Microchanneling Workshop – Mon May 23, 2022 – 3pm Eastern

Join us Monday May 23rd, 2022 for a virtual workshop at 3pm Eastern Time in Denver featuring LIVE  demonstrations, training & certification and presentations on: Procell microchanneling Illuminate (Red Light Therapy) LED Blossom – The at Home Skin & Serum Enhancement Wand And featuring NassifMD Hydro-Screen from Dr Nassiff  (“Botched” fame in Beverly Hills)   […]