Denver PRP Workshop – Microchanneling/Injection of PRP

Join us for an exclusive training session, including demonstrations of microchanneling and injection techniques with Platelet Rich Plasma.

When: Saturday April 16, 2016 9am to noon

Where: Aesthetics by Design 3600 S Logan St ● Ste 200 ● Englewood, CO

Registration Fee $35.00

RSVP ● Contact Us ● Space limited to 10

  • 9:00 am – Meet & Greet Networking
  • 9:15 am    Aesthetics by DesignBeryl Reker Medical Aesthetician and director of Aesthetics by Design will discuss how to position MicroNeedling and PRP in your clinic, patient selection & pricing.
  • Harvest Tech9:30 am   Jerad Winsett of Harvest Technologies will present the science behind delivering the optimum concentration of autologous platelets and growth factors, and how a broad range of growth factors in the proper concentration and ratios can help optimize conditions for healing & skin rejuvenation.
  • Livra microneedling by Procell Therapies10:00 am   Doug McBurney, C.A.L.T. director of clinical education at Mountain Coast Aesthetic Division will speak and provide a live microchanneling training session, featuring the latest advancement in micro-channel stamping & dermal PRP delivery.
  • Aesthetics by Design11:00 am PRP Injection Demonstration – Beryl Reker will demonstrate PRP injection techniques.


  • 11:45 am Q & A – Networking

The Aesthetic Suite – 3 Technologies, (IPL, Microderm & Microchanneling) 7 Services
ProCell Therapies  –
Dermabrasion, Microneedling, Stem Cell Therapy & Hair Regrowth
NeuViva  –
Feminine Rejuvenation
NewSurg – 532 Diode for vascular and pigment
Exponential Faces
– Sell all the top skin care lines without stocking!
Edge One  –
Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Feminine Rejuvenation
Hormone Therapy Centers of America –
Pellet Therapy
Infini – RF Microneedling for Acne Scars and Neck Tightening
Futura Fit –
Make Skinny Jeans Fit Again in One Session
DiamondTome DT2 –
Altair Instruments’ Dual Microderm/Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
SmoothCool –
Intense Pulsed Light & Skin Cooling Platform
NewApeel –
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion system
NeuroMed –
OTC Topical Numbing Creams
ClariFusion –
Ultrasonic Cosmeceutical Infusion System
TattooStar Effect Combo –
Four wavelength Q Switched Tattoo Removal LASER System
HydroPlus –
HydroWand Infusion Upgrade (fits the DiamondTome & NewApeel).
Smartxide DOT –
Fractional CO2 LASER
MedioStar neXT –
Fast, comfortable dual wavelength diode hair removal LASER System