NEW! The DiamondTome Comfort Grip

We’re excited to announce the release of the new “Comfort Grip” for “DiamondTome” wands!

The Comfort Grip is a silicone sleeve that minimized hand fatigue and slippage during treatment. They’re autoclavable, they’re O.K. in cold disinfection solutions, and they fit all DiamondTome wands!

Mention this Web announcement the next time you order DiamondTome supplies, or equipment to receive a free “Comfort Grip” with your next order!

The Comfort Grip is just another way we’re always working to improve your experience in the Aesthetic clinic. Whether it’s by bringing exciting NEW products to the marketplace, like Reaction for Cellulite/Fat & Skin Tightening or the UltraPlus VPL (the only intense pulsed light platform for hair removal, acne and photo-facial with a 105 J/cm2 applicator for fast effective vascular treatment), or providing the best Advanced Training in the industry, Mountain Coast Distributors is your best source for Aesthetic Technologies!

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Maximum Skin Lightening with ClariFusion

One of the most common issues that consumers want help with is skin lightening. Whether it’s years of sun damage, or simply a desire for a lighter, more even complexion , skin lightening is BIG business, and being able to offer a non-surgical, and non-laser solution for skin lightening will bring new clients and more business!

Here’s a protocol we’ve found success with, and hopefully you will too!

First, perform a 2 pass medical microdermabrasion with the DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion system

Next, apply a generous amount of one of the following topical skin lighteners, (based upon your clients desire and skin condition).

  • 25% vitamin C, (the best one we’ve found is Pro-C Elite from A-Cute Derm)
  • 2% hydroquinone with Kojic and Azelaic Acid,  (we like Glo-Therapeutics Lightening Serum)
  • Or hydroquinone free lightening serum (we like Rubos Hyper-pigmentation Serum)

Next, apply ultrasound gel about 1/8 inch thick over the entire treatment area.

Then use the following settings on your Clarifusion trans-dermal ultrasound system: Use the 5cm, 3Mhz hand piece, continuous wave, 1.2 Watts, Time: 5 minutes.

Press the hand piece into place and start the ultrasound delivery. Keep the hand piece in motion making 1 to 2 slow passes over the entire treatment area.

Your client should report a consistent warming sensation as the ultrasound energy penetrates the product below the D/E junction. (Only ultrasonic infusion from ClariFusion can penetrate product to the dermal layer).

After 5 minutes, and 1 to 3 passes,  switch to the 1 cm hand piece,  and apply for 2 minutes around the lips and over the nose.

At the end of the session your clients dermis will be saturated with with the maximum dose of skin lightener. This means fast, long lasting results! Make sure she picks up a retail size of your lightening product for nightly at-home maintenance.

For maximum skin lightening effects treat every 2-3 days with ClariFusion Ultrasound for 6 sessions, while bumping up the wattage .2 Watts per session up to the maximum of 2.2 Watts.

For the best exfoliation results, combine with DiamondTome every 3rd session. Her skin will glow, and You’ll have a client for life!

Maintenance sessions should be performed monthly with the full combination of DiamondTome, Lightening Product, and ClariFusion Ultrasonic Infusion.

You may also combine the ClariFusion skin lightening protocol with UltraPlus VPL photo-facial treatments and Reaction skin tightening and facial contouring therapy for a complete package of skin lightening and facial rejuvenation for your clients.

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Mountain Coast Offers UltraPlus VPL from Energist!

Mountain Coast Distributors is proud to offer the UltraPlus VPL Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system from Energist Group North America. UltraPlus VPL performs photo facial, treats acne, vascular and pigmented lesions, removes visible vessels with the most powerful vascular application available, and is capable ofhigh volume hair removal. It’s an IPL platform you’ll never outgrow, at a price that makes sense! If it’s not VPL… it’s just another IPL.

Energist UltraPlus VPL

Ultra Plus UltraPlus VPL is the latest VPL system from Energist – specialists in light treatment systems.

Enhanced versatility

Using world renowned and proven Variable Pulsed Light Technology, the UltraPlus VPL offers the power and versatility you need to offer tailored hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatments to clients with skin types I – V.

Offering 3 treatment specific hand pieces covering treatments such as facial and body hair removal, thread veins, rosacea, age and sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines, the system comes with a new dedicated hand piece specifically to target acne. The UltraPlus VPL offers a broad range of treatment options, with the highest quality outcome, for you and your client.

The new Hair Removal hand piece on the UltraPlus VPL provides 25,000 shots, offering more economical treatment regimes.

With 840 different pulse variations, specific treatment presets and energy output levels up to 51J/cm², the enhanced treatment options of the UltraPlus VPL provide you with total treatment solutions for your client.

The increased flexibility of the UltraPlus VPL system allows you to perform a wide range of treatments with a single system, maximizing your investment and widening your treatment offer to your clients.VPL

  • 3 treatment specific hand pieces
  • 25,000 shots on the Hair Removal applicator
  • Preset parameters for optimum results
  • Water-cooled for higher energy & more effective treatments
  • Simple touch screen user panel

View PdfUlta Plus Enhancements

Output Energy: 10 to 110J/cm2
  • Hair removal handpiece – 610-950nm output (Red filter)
  • Skin rejuvenation handpiece – 530-950nm output (Yellow filter)
  • Acne handpiece – 415/630-950nm output (Multi-bandpass dichroicfilter)
Pulse train length: 7 to 385ms
Pulses per train: 2 to 15
Delay between pulses: 1 to 20ms
Standard spot size: 50 x 10mm (5cm2)
Repetition rate: 1 pulse every 2 seconds (max)
Weight: 54kg
Dimensions: 950 x 430 x 420mm
Power supply: 100V to 240V, 60/50hz, Max 6.5A


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And the UltraPlus VPL works wonderfully when combined with DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion, Clarifusion ultrasonic topical infusion, Reaction RF cellulite reduction, DOT Therapy fractional CO2 skin resurfacing and the HydroWand Facial!

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