Advanced Aesthetic Technologies from Mountain Coast Distributors

Advanced Aesthetic Technologies from Mountain Coast Distributors

The DiamondTome Family of crystal Free Microdermabrasion Systems
ClariFusion ultrasonic cosmeceutical infusion
Fractional Collagen Induction with rejuvapen – Advanced microneedling & CIT for laser resurfacing results without the downtime!
UltraPlus VPL Intense Pulsed Light for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and vascular treatment.
DOT Therapy – Fractional Resurfacing and Skin RejuvenationAesthetic equipment and training for the Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Medical Spa and Day Spa communities…

  • The highest ROI services in the aesthetic industry…
  • Increase your customer satisfaction, revenue and FUN.
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DiamondTome and DOT Tharapy Offer Highest ROI!

Are you looking for the highest ROI treatments for your clinic?

With a price that’s less than you might spend on a decent used car the DiamondTome microdermabrasion system offers a great Return on Investment, (ROI)

Just 4 treatments per week, at just $75.00 per treatment returns $14,000.00 in just the first year! You recoup your investment, cover your overhead, and can be profitable from day one with our attractive lease options.

Dot Therapy fractional CO2 resurfacing with the Smartxide DOT Laser from DEKA offers your clients the latest in non-surgical laser therapy for wrinkles, skin tightening, and improved tone and texture.

Lease payments start under $1500 per month, with a single treatment retailing for $2000+. So just 2 treatments per month make you profitable from day one!

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Microdermabrasion: ClariFusion is the Next Generation

ClariFusion is the next generation non-surgical, progressive skin rejuvenation therapy. The treatment incorporates crystal free Diamond Tome medical level exfoliation (vacuum & multi-leveled diamond treatment wands are capable of treatment protocols ranging from superficial exfoliation to medical microdermabrasion).

Skin specific cosmeceuticals are important to your practice, and your patients skin care regimen. Products best suited to each patient are applied to their freshly exfoliated skin, then ultrasound delivers these topical serums and moisturizers deep into the epidermis during a warm soothing application. It feels wonderful while repairing, restoring and rejuvenating your patients skin, (and your microderm practice)!

Available to medically directed skin care practices only.

What can I expect during my ClariFusion treatment?

  • · We’ll discuss your skin and your goals. Then skin specific cosmeceuticals are recommended and treatment protocols are developed just for you
  • · A deep cleanse removes dirt and surface oil to prepare your skin
  • · Medical level exfoliation,(using a diamond tipped instrument and gentle vacuum) removes dry
    dead skin from the surface
  • · Cosmeceuticals are applied to your freshly exfoliated skin
  • · An ultrasound wand gently infuses essential ingredients into the deep living cells of your skin
  • · A soothing warm sensation envelopes the treatment area, rehydrating and increasing microcirculation

You’ll notice the GLOW today. Your skin will defend against aging today, tomorrow and beyond…

Contact Us to learn more now, and to receive Chapter 1 of our free ebook on Maximizing your Microdermabrasion Practice. And you may call us at (303) 489-9203.