DiamondTome & FCI Revolutionize non-ablative skin rejuvenation!

Fractional Collagen Induction Logo  Fractional Collagen Induction microneedling, C.I.T.  DiamondTome microderm DiamondTome is the industry standard for crystal free microdermabrasion. Fractional Collagen Induction (FCI) is an advanced system for microneedling. Combining DiamondTome and FCI in a proprietary new treatment protocol offers the best “results to downtime” ratio in the history of skin rejuvenation. Before & After FCI, CIT, microneedling, acne scar           With DiamondTome & FCI the aesthetician can, without a laser (and without the risks and restrictions that go along with resurfacing lasers and laser therapies), produce results that are better than sub-ablative, better than erbium, and approaching fractional CO2! All with less than 24 hours downtime! And at a price that’s a fraction of the cost of a resurfacing laser! Contact us for pricing, to view exclusive before and after pictures, to learn more, or arrange a demonstration of this revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment.