The SmoothPulse – German Diode LASER Hair Removal

SmoothPulse is a new high-power dual-wavelength diode laser. It is the next generation of high power systems for aesthetic applications designed and built in Germany in the heart of optics and solid-state laser technology near Jena. SmoothPulse is the first high power diode-laser source with a multi-wavelength output of 800 to 950 nm. It has pulse widths up to 400 ms, and a fiber bundle delivery for the most uniform and comfortable treatment available from a high power hair removal laser. SmoothPulse is compact at 14.5” x 22” x 18”, and weighs only 75 lbs with a lightweight 10 oz. handpiece.

Maximum comfort and safety

SmoothPulse includes integrated skin temperature control for gentle and convenient treatments. Aluminum is 8x better at removing heat and controlling skin temperature than sapphire. The SmoothPulse handpiece has both cooled sapphire treatment area and an aluminum plate for dual cooling and more comfort.

The homogeneous beam profile of the SmoothPulse fiber-bundle delivery tip eliminates hot and cold spots for better efficacy and comfort. The microfibers deliver the energy from hundreds of diode lasers to the skin in a extremely uniform profile that is the best in its class.

SmoothPulse has a large 8.4” touch screen with intuitive graphic user interface incorporating before-and-after photos, and videos of common procedures.

Compare SmoothPulse to any competitive systems and you will be impressed by its superior performance and lower cost.

What’s new?

• More power and speed. The most powerful diode array available makes this the high-speed winner. Twice as fast with repetition rates up to 12 Hz for faster patient treatment times.

• Greater Comfort. Comfort means more referrals and repeat customers. Smooth Pulse™ technology, integrated tip cooling, and a uniform beam profile makes this the most comfortable system available. With larger spot area.

• Dual wavelength. For better results and more referrals. 810/940nm multiwavelength diodes in the same array for broader, deeper coverage for more effective treatments. The uniform high fluence spot makes fewer treatments needed. Coming soon: the new 755 nm Alex handpiece for SmoothPulse.

• State-of -the-art Technology. Advanced components and optics, an interface with videos, images and more, and the ability to store patient data. All this is a smaller, more robust package with more power and features including a space saving storage trolley and am optional handpiece for vascular treatment.

Asclepion’s High Power Diode Laser


diodeThe active component of a diode laser is a semiconductor that converts electric current to laser light. An individual diode is comparatively low powered, but by creating an bar of individual diodes stacked side-by-side, more power can be obtained. To obtain an even higher power, bars are stacked resulting in an array of diodes. The diode array allows the laser to product high power on a large surface area. The array size is 14 x 10 mm.


In order to obtain a homogeneous and uniform spot, the unique TAPER technology is used, consisting of a bundle of very thin quartz fibers. The end-surface in contact with the skin is protected by a layer of sapphire to limit wear and the effect of burn-in due to residual hairs.


The Handpiece

The diodes in the array emit wavelengths from 800 to 950 nm with a significant peak at 810 nm, the wavelength with the highest absorption of melanin. The wavelength range allows us to work with all skin types and with all types of hair ( except white/grey, light blond, and red hair ).


Skin cooling

To avoid unwanted side-effects, effective cooling of the epidermis is necessary ( particularly important for dark skin types because of their melanin absorption ). The skin cooling system of the Asclepion Smoothpulse is integrated into the handpiece. The contact of the cold metal probe with the epidermis is extremely effective due to the very high thermal conductivity of the metal. Moreover, the temperature of the skin cooling system is automatically controlled at any point of time. The skin cooling system can pre-cool the epidermis, by moving the handpiece in the direction of the cooling plate. Thanks to the aluminium plate, the cooling effect is 8 times greater than with sapphire.

Epilab SmoothPulse




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