Futura Pro: An Aesthetic Body Contouring Breakthrough

With new distribution in the U.S., the latest body contouring technology from Europe has arrived. Different from other body contouring devices and services, Futura® Pro uses a non-invasive, pain-free technology combining ultrasound to break up fat cells, and electrical stimulation to metabolize the fat via muscle contraction.

This increases local blood circulation and helps the body rapidly metabolize fat. Futura Pro therapy provides immediate & long term results. Patients see results in both circumferential size and cellulite.

After fat cells are broken down with the ultrasound, key muscle groups are stimulated electronically, with no effort, no pain, and no recovery time. The fat is released, and then metabolized for a complete body conturing treatment.

Futura® Pro provides extremely efficient muscle training that get’s rid of the fat while it reshapes and redefines your body.

Contact us at Mountain Coast Distributors to learn more about Futura Pro, or any of our world class aesthetic technologies, including: DiamondTome, UltraPlus VPL, ClariFusion and Microneedling Stem Cell Therapy.

We also offer MedioStar dual wavelength diode hair removal & vascular removal & the Smartxide  DOT for fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.

Contact us to arrange a personal demonstration at your convenience, and to find out about all of Mountain Coast’s Aesthetic Technologies:

ProCell – Microneedling Stem Cell Delivery for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Regrowth
MedioStar neXT – Fast, comfortable dual wavelength diode hair removal LASER System
Smartxide DOT Therapy  – Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing LASER System
ClariFusion Ultrasonic Cosmeceutical Infusion System
HydroPlus – Cosmeceutical Infusion Upgrade (fits the DiamondTome System)
DiamondTome – Crystal Free Diamond Microdermabrasion System
DT2 – DiamondTome’s Latest Microdermabrasion & Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
UltraPlus VPL – Intense Pulsed Light for Vascular, Acne, Hair Removal, Photo-Facial