The DiamondTome DT2 with HydroPlus: Microderm at a Whole New Level!

DiamondTome DT2Want a wonderful way to improve skin texture, tone, firmness & smoothness?

Exfoliation is one of the keys. And DiamondTome is well known as the “industry standard” among cosmetic dermatologists and skin care professionals around the world. Now the makers of the world famous DiamondTome system offers DiamondTome microderm, along with HydroPlus cosmeceutical infusion with the flagship DiamondTome DT2 platform.

Exfoliation is a natural process associated with the constant regeneration, and sloughing off of the skin.  Skin cells are “born” in the deep layers of the dermis, & migrate upwards, doing lots of important work as they do. Your skin cells are actually highly sophisticated processing and engineering “factories” that facilitate the delivery of nutrients, build and organize complex structures, process out of waste, provide for heating and cooling of the body, and deliver electro-chemical signals involved in the function & protection of vital organs.

As living cells in your dermis continue their journey skyward, they become dissociated from the blood supply and form a protective layer called the Epidermis. This layer in the primary repository for nutrients and moisturizing elements processed below in the dermis, and it is the layer that provides protection against the environment. As skin cells migrate upward into the epidermis, they slowly begin to dehydrate as they give up their moisture and nutrients to the living layers below.


Once the skin cells become completely dehydrated, they form into the final major layer of their life cycle; the Stratum Corneum. The stratum corneum has been compared to a “flexible suit of armor” that provides your body’s first line of defense against environmental contaminants and UV radiation. It’s an amazing design composed of opaque, convex cells, with their edges sealed together with the oil that keeps your skin soft. So even in the throes of their final moments, your skin cells are doing important work to keep you healthy and beautiful.


When we are children, our skin replaces itself entirely about every 28 days. But as we grow older that “skin cycle” begins to slow. The skin cycle in middle age adults slows to around 40 days, and those over 50 can take up to 50 days to renew their skin.


One of the best way to improve skin texture, tone, firmness & smoothness is to speed up this cycle by accelerating the shedding of dead skin cells faster than nature would. This exfoliation via microdermabrasion with the DiamondTome DT2 enhances the production of new skin cells.


Microdermabrasion with the DiamondTome DT2 is a mechanical exfoliation that involves gently shaving & vacuuming away the outermost layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion stimulates more rapid production of new skin cells, stimulates collagen, and removes dirt & other debris from the pores helping to decrease the appearance of pore size.

During this luxurious process a wand with precisely sized diamonds is passed over your skin.  Suction delivered through the wand takes away the dead skin and particles.  The result is a glowing, fresh, smooth complexion.  There is no downtime but your skin may appear slightly pink for about an hour afterwards.

Microderm is recommended once a month to achieve maintain the best results, with an initial series of six treatments advised to achieve an increase in cell turnover. A six treatment series has been shown to produce a thickening of the epidermis so that the skin better conceals underlying imperfections, and is less sensitive to sun and environmental factors. We also see an increase in elastin fiber density that improves the firmness of the skin. A series of treatments will also result in a more compact, and more evenly hydrated stratum corneum which provides better protection!


HydroPlus Cosmeceutical Infusion combines the exfoliation of the DiamondTome DT2 with the infusion of serums, vitamins, peptides, botanicals and other cosmeceutical preparations deep into the skin. There are a variety of topical products that one may custom formulate for each client. Depending on the skin condition, one or more products are infused with the HydroWand. Topical products for hydration, wrinkles, skin tone, acne, and anti aging are all available to be custom formulated for treatment.

Everyone’s skin needs regular maintenance so they always look their best.  Because the skin is a living organ, constantly changing and working, it’s important to take the best care you can of it. If you don’t you can be sure it will begin to look dull and tired.


DiamondTome DT2 with HydroPlus will help you make your clients skin look buffed, polished, moist, firm & beautiful! It’s the choice of top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic skincare professionals for maintaining the youthful look that helps define a healthy, youthful appearance!

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