DiamondTome Enhances LASER Hair Removal & IPL

Did you know that a pre & post treatment regimen using the DiamondTome crystal free microdermabrasion system can improve your hair removal and IPL photo facial results and revenue?

procedure for cosmetologistIt’s true! We recommend a double pass immediately pre treatment with the DiamondTome Wand on the area being treated for LASER hair removal. No matter which laser you’re using, whether it’s a 1064 Nd-YAG, an 810 diode, a Ruby or an Alex, removing the top layer of melanin trapped in the stratum corneum and removing the cell layer that is designed to reflect light means more photons where you want them – down the hair shaft!

Also, the abrasive nature of the Diamondtome treatment helps to desensitize the skin in the treatment area and helps topical anesthetic absorb more quickly as well. So you’ll get better results and more comfort when you pre-treat with DiamondTome.

So if you have a DiamondTome machine already, grab it before your next hair removal client, and see if this handy tip helps you as it has our other clients!

And if you don’t have a DiamondTome, get one! from Mountain Coast Distributors!

If you offer photo facial, or IPL photorejuvenation to remove unwanted browns and reds, a pre-treatment pass with DiamondTome is like “cleaning the window” before shining your light through it. DiamondTome will remove the opaque, concave cell later that is designed to resist light penetration, along with dark surface melanin and this means more photons where you want them – in the target melanin and blood vessels! mediostar-with-logo-150x109

Just like Hair Removal the abrasive DiamondTome will desensitize the skin so you’ll get better IPL photo-facial results and more comfort when you pre-treat with Diamondtome.

And about six days after the photo-facial, once your client is sloughing off the micro-crusting, have them stop in for a gentle low vacuum DiamondTome treatment (6-8 on the pressure gauge) and it will help accelerate the slough and condition the skin for her next treatment.

You can introduce these treatments as upgrade options to enhance revenue, or if you’re just looking for ways to maintain your price points on these competitive services, just add them to what you’re doing to beat the competition!

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions about DiamondTome, laser hair removal, or IPL photo facial. We love to talk skin, and we have tips, equipment and training that will make your practice more fun and more effective!

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