Get Your DiamondTome at a Discount Along With HydroSerum Infusion!

HydroSerums Signature Serums for any skin type. DiamondTome / NewApeel microderm machineDiamondTome / NewApeel HydroWand Upgrade

After DiamondTome™ exfoliation, infuse the skin with one of our four signature serums using the HydroWand®. Perfectly formulated and designed for optimum skin penetration, the HydroSerums™ are an effective way to improve skin texture and appearance. The HydroSerums™ are available in Acne, Deep Hydration, Even Tone and Vitamin C. Each HydroSerum is formulated with highly effective active ingredients for maximum performance.

Acne HydroSerum contains a heavy duty combination of 6% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), 2% salicylic acid and Niacinamide.

Deep Hydration HydroSerum uses peptides, ceramides, and sodium PCA to lock in moisture.

Even Tone HydroSerum packs in niacinamide, arbutin, kojic acid, hydroquinone and natural extracts for a powerful skin lightening punch.

Vitamin C HydroSerum with 10% ascorbic acid and alpha tocopherol works as an anti-aging shield that protects the skin against free radicals.

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