Novathreads Neck Lift

PDO Threads Training – Denver Area and Onsite Options

PDO Thread Lifting with Novathreads for lifting, firming and anti-aging.
You can add Novathreads to your practice with three levels of training and certification.
Threads have come to be a “clinically mature” service, and the instructors at Aesthetic Experts Institute (AEI) have made Thread Placement a simple, safe, straightforward skill that skilled injectors can master over a weekend! At AEI you’ll learn latest in aesthetic PDO Thread placement techniques, whether you need Basic or Advanced, AEI has a trainer, and a class for you.
Come to the small group class in the Denver metro, or arrange a private, onsite training at your location.
“I took the basic class to get started. It’s been a huge part of my practice since then. Now with the advanced body and other “off-face” stuff, I’m  offering things to my clients that nobody else in town has!” -G. Rendel, RN – Colorado
AEI is hosting their next Novathreads training class in the Denver area Friday – Sunday September 16-18, 2022.
Photo Courtesy of Beth Sheiner, FNP – Bloom Medical Aesthetics, Arvada Colorado
Linked HERE is a sign up sheet for September classes with the team at AEI in the lively and exciting Denver Colorado Metro area.

See the Schedule for September here.

  • Day 1 Theory, Didactic & Basics – (Basic PDO Training Certificate)
  • Day 2 Body and Advanced
  • Day 3 Advanced Facial, Eyes, Lips, Nose & Body – All with Hands on practical application.

Attending practices will receive a training certificate (and a coupon for 20% off an opening order of Novathreads).

Learn treatment techniques that simplify placement, increase lift, and amplify patient satisfaction.

Everything from entry point, to numbing, to pop-through & vectors, distal fixation and how to
use each thread to build upon the lift, and the collagen stimulation of the last.

“That training was outstanding! I would do that course again just for the fun of it.” – T. Busch, PA – New Mexico


Got questions? Contact us, or call (Eight Hundred) 551-5582

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