Neuromed BLT Variety Pack

Neuromed BLT Variety Pack Numbing Cream Appplication Instructions

How to use the NeuroMed BLT Variety Pack®

Proper application of the Neuromed BLT Variety Pack is extremely important for best effect:

  • Clean treatment area with mild cleanser and damp, clean cloth to remove any dirt, make-up or other material that may impede absorption.
  • If using during facial service, disinfect the skin with alcohol or similar
  • Dosage will depend on the skin type, aggressiveness of procedure, known pain tolerance and surface area.
  • Use the least amount of product necessary to achieve the required amount of local anesthesia
  • Avoid use on open wounds, broken skin, eyes, ears, in the nostrils and mouth
  • Apply a hot compress for 5 minutes to enhance penetration
  • If using for microneedling or microchanneling, here is a quick video on how to perforate the epidermis lightly with the needling device turned off before applying the numbing cream
  • Mix the contents of all 3 packets in an apothecary bowl, or in a gloved hand.
  • For best effect the recommended dose is 1.5ml/grams per 1″ X 1″  (square area)
  • With a gloved hand, evenly distribute the cream and rub vigorously in circular motions for 1-5 minutes for each area
  • Apply more aggressively to known pain-sensitive “hot spot” areas on the face (forehead, lips, cheek bones), and body, (bony prominences)
  • The peak action begins in approximately 15 – 20 minutes
  • Some clinicians use an occlusive dressing for an improved efficacy – occlusion should be determined by a licensed physician.
  • Do not exceed 10 ml/grams per application

Physician should take into account total anesthetic dose when using this product in combination with other anesthetic products. – Sambria Phamaceuticals

For more information contact:, (800) 551-5582.

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