The DiamondTome DT2® Infuses YOUR Skin Care Products

Maybe you’ve heard of brands like Hydrafacial®, Silkpeel® and Dermasweep®, with treatment names like: Product infusion®, Hydra infusion®, Vortex-Fusion®, Hydro-infusion®,  Epi infusion®, Hydrafusion®, or Dermalinfusion®….

But you don’t want to be limited in the products you can infuse.

You need another solution!

With the DiamondTome DT2® featuring HydroPlus® product infusion you’re liberated from proprietary products and cartridges that “lock you in” to skin care products.

The DiamondTome DT2 is Made in the USA.

You can also use the DiamondTome DT2 in combination with ClariFusion® to design a custom deep dermal treatment for each client!

And when you “compound” custom skin care formulations for HydroPlus infusion with the DiamondTome DT2, you can take the opportunity to educate your client about the products you combine in the HydroWand®, and this education from you helps ensure that your client purchases the products they need.

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we offer with the DiamondTome DT2 platform, and all of our world class aesthetic technologies, including: Edge One CO2 LASER, SmoothCool IPL & Skin Cooling, ClariFusion, and the Livra Microchanneling, Dermabrasion, Hair Regrowth and Stem Cell Therapy system from Procell Therapies.

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