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Caring for Oily Skin

The sebaceous gland in our skin produces an oily substance known as sebum that keeps our skin healthy, moist, and plump. Unfortunately, we aren’t perfect, and some of us have skin that produces too much oil. This can lead to problems such as acne breakouts, clogged pores, black heads, and an unwanted greasy shine.

If this sounds like your skin, then you may need to go over your skin care regimen and see if there is something that needs to be changed.

What causes oily skin in the first place? There are several components that could be the cause of your hyper-active sebaceous glands.

Most commonly is having a genetic predisposition to oily skin. Since your genes aren’t something you can change, the best way to manage your oily skin is to use the proper products such as a lightweight moisturizer, oil absorbing primers & foundations, and getting facial treatments such as a chemical peel (Salicylic acid is recommended) or a HydroFacial. Blue LED light therapy also target the sebaceous glands and can reduce the amount of oil your skin produces.

Another common factor is over washing your face. As contradictory as it sounds, washing your face more than twice a day removes too much oil and causes your glands to go into “hyper-mode” to replace all the missing oils. Using a gentle cleanser morning and evening is all you need to keep your skin healthy.

Hormonal changes can have an effect on your skin as well. During puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, our hormonal levels tend to get out of balance. Stress and illness can also cause an increase in the oil controlling androgen hormones. The best way to combat this situation is to eat healthy, exercise and keep stress to a minimum. Keeping oil blotting sheets with you can also be helpful.

Seasonal change can also have a negative effect on your skin. In the winter time, the air tends to get dryer and causes your skin to produce more oils to keep up with the arid conditions. Using a moisturizer after cleansing your face or taking a shower will help keep your skin from going into overdrive. A light-weight oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer is best for your oily skin type.

All of the above methods can be helpful to keep your skin’s oils at bay, but the best way to keep your body at its best is with a healthy lifestyle! Be sure to stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, get daily exercise and a good-nights sleep.


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