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3 Top Trends in Skin Rejuvenation

  1. ProcellMDDeviceMicroneedling appears to have now become the most popular service in non-surgical skin rejuvenation ever. We get more calls for microneedling these days than for any other service. And with recent FDA clearance of a microneedling device imported from overseas, the field of competitors is set to explode as numerous players file applications for their own FDA clearances. We use The Made in America Procell Therapies Microchanneling and Microdermabrasion Multi-Tool, and have found nothing better when it comes to outcomes, comfort, safety, downtime, pain and side effects, (lots of the former and none of the latter)! And from what we see on a daily basis, there has never been a more effective tool for anti-aging than Procell’s microchannel delivery of cytokine based topicals. And with the stimulative effect of microchanneling and collagen induction we see real corrective results as well!

  2. Poly Rejuv on the FaceLED Light Therapy is powering the next generation of regenreative skincare products and immuno-stimulative treatments. With the advent of  cytokine based topicals that stimulate biologic response, and all the other things we do to use the inflammatory response to rejuvenate, (meaning microderm, chemical peels, microneedling, RF, LASER & IPL), LED has become an essential modality to drive the healing response required to see the best results. We’ve seen recovery time go from hours and days, to minutes and hours since we added POLY Red Light Therapy for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation, Blue Light for Acne and Infrared for pain. And the new hand held POLY Go LED pods are a wonderful retail product that helps our clients take the healing home!

  3. Intracel Before & AfterRF Microneedling continues to develop an impressive body of work for our clientele. We use the INTRAcel device to power TOTAL FACIAL RF, which works in  conjunction with POLY LED and cytokine based topicals to produce faster results in our older clients. The ability to do what used to require a LASER and a week or two of downtime with just one day of mild redness and swelling has truly revolutionized what we can do for deep wrinkles and laxity. 

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DiamondTome DT2 – Altair Instruments’ Dual Microderm/Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
Intracel – RF Microneedling for Acne Scars and Neck Tightening
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ProFx – 3 Stage Aqua Facial (analog controls versus Hydrafacial®)
Edge One – Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Feminine Rejuvenation
Hormone Therapy Centers of America – Pellet Therapy
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The Story of Monopolar RF Microneedling & Impedance Matching

Aesthetic thought leaders agree that application of therapeutic heat via an array of insulated microneedles is a breakthrough in heat mediated tissue tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Intracel NeedlesThe two major advancements introduced by Jeisys in their INTRAcel RF microneedling device, (over devices like fractional laser, Infiniâ„¢, Alma Accentâ„¢, Vivaceâ„¢, Invasixâ„¢ Fractoraâ„¢,Venus Vivaâ„¢, Endymedâ„¢, Profoundâ„¢ & Skinfinityâ„¢ are the monopolar capability, (in addition to it’s superficial & bipolar modes) and impedance matching.

  • Jeisys’ patented “Impedance Matching” technology measures resistance in tissue & adjusts the delivery of energy accordingly, automatically, and in real time.
  • Feel free to review this compendium of clinical articles on INTRAcel.

  • In #11 Dr. Yeo, (in somewhat broken English that is much better than my Korean) makes the case for why impedance matching makes the monopolar application at least as effective for coagulation as INTRAcel’s bipolar mode. And why monopolar, by the nature of how it passes through tissue, has the ability to create broader coagulation zones.

  • Dr. Yeo describes how INTRAcel adjusts the delivery of energy based on measuring voltage vs resistance. The math is sound, and the propagation of monopolar RF through tissue is well understood, meaning the monopolar application will by definition, when delivered properly in light of resistance, create a broader zone of coagulation.

  • This reduces pain, eliminates carbonization that would interfere with coagulation, and create broad zones reliably.

  • It’s the impedance matching that allows for an efficacious monopolar treatment. No one else does it because no one else can do it. INTRAcel can.
    This is why we are convinced INTRAcel is the most sophisticated & effective device on the market for RF microneedling.
    Contact us if you would like to be invited to our next Denver area INTRAcel workshop, or to learn more about INTRAcel.

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    NeuViva  –
    Feminine Rejuvenation
    NewSurg – 532 Diode for vascular and pigment
    Exponential Faces – Sell all the top skin care lines without stocking!
    Edge One  –
    Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Feminine Rejuvenation
    Hormone Therapy Centers of America –
    Pellet Therapy
    Futura Fit – Make Skinny Jeans Fit Again in One Session
    Aesthelite – Fast, Powerful, Elegant IPL
    DiamondTome DT2 – Altair Instruments’ Dual Microderm/Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
    SmoothCool – Intense Pulsed Light & Skin Cooling Platform
    NewApeel – Crystal Free Microdermabrasion system
    NeuroMed 7 – OTC Topical Numbing Cream
    ClariFusion – Ultrasonic Cosmeceutical Infusion System
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    HydroPlus – HydroWand Infusion Upgrade (fits the DiamondTome & NewApeel)
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    MedioStar neXT – Fast, comfortable dual wavelength diode hair removal LASER System