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Epilfree – Permanent Hair Removal

Epilfree is a permanent hair removal solution made of 100% natural ingredients, effective on all hair types, safe for all skin types, safe over tattoos, and can even be used on children! Clients who are not good candidates for laser (light colored, gray, or thin hair or clients who have a fitzpatrick IV-VI) now have a safe and effective alternative!
During the anagen (growth) phase of our hair cycle, the dermal papilla is experiencing rapid cell division that causes hair growth. Epilfree works by slowing/stopping cell division during this phase.  Since a large percentage of our body hairs are in catagen or telogen (resting) phase at a given time, it typically takes 6-12 monthly treatments to successfully remove an area of hair permanently. We also recommend follow up treatments every 1 to 5 years depending on the patient.
Treatment is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Depilate hair from treatment area
2. Apply activator A to dilate follicle
3. Massage Toner B to stop cell division in the dermal papilla
The Epilfree comes in 3 different professional kit sizes for in office use:
Body ($550), Intimate ($350), and Face ($250) – each kit has an average 40 treatments worth of product and is specially formulated for each section of the body.
We also have at-home kits that are less potent and are great for your clients to use at home for spot treatment and maintenance.
If you would like to get started with Epilfree, contact us at nikkimmcburney@gmail.com or call/text (720) 428-0245

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