Red Light Powers Aesthetic Outcomes Today & Tomorrow

Illuminate RedRed Light (L.E.D. or L.L.L.T) is well known in the pain management & physical therapy communities for reduced inflammation, pain management and wound healing. Much clinical research has shown that these effects ( from red to near infrared light: 630 to 670 nm for 20 minutes or more as often as daily) are not only real, but reliable and repeatable across a broad spectrum of patients and conditions.

And while it’s use for skin rejuvenation has been limited in times past, the fortunes of Red Light Therapy for skin are on the rise, as science helps us catch up with the potential of this wonderfully luminous modality.

With modern aesthetic consumers demanding ever less discomfort, down time and side effects, and ever better results; and with practitioners employing ever more sophisticated and targeted therapies that stimulate the body’s ability to heal and resist aging at a cellular level, a renaissance in Red Light Therapy is taking place. And it’s happening among high end practitioners, Dermatologists and and Plastic Surgeons employing  the latest in Stem Cell based, Immuno-stimulative, & Cytokine based cosmeceuticals.

Cytokines are present in more and more of the most advanced skin rejuvenation products on the market today. Cytokines are a family of proteins essential to healing and anti-aging. They are made by Stem Cells and perform a variety of high energy tasks the keep us healthy. (This complex family of 800 or more known proteins includes Peptides and Growth Factors).

Cytokines can now be safely introduced topically, especially during treatments like microneedling, microchanneling, microdermabrasion, laser and injectables.

The revolution in Stem Cell/Cytokine based therapies and products is enabling practitioners to harness, and focus near miraculous corrective and anti-aging mechanisms that were completely unknown just a generation ago.

We now better understand how cells work, how the amazing machinery within cells work, how stem cells work, how the immune system works, and how tiny cellular mechanisms within our bodies possess the capacity to heal and resist aging in ways our grandparents… even our parents could have never imagined.Illuminate Red

In light of this revolution in Stem Cell science, and Cytokine based cosmeceuticals, Red Light Therapy is not only becoming accepted as a preferred modality to produce  the best cosmetic outcomes, but is approaching the tipping point toward absolute necessity!

But how exactly does it work?

Clinical studies have shown that the beneficial effects of Red Light Therapy are related to increased production, or “up-regulation” of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is produced in the mitochondria of almost every cell in your body. It is the “energy carrier” that powers cellular activity. So it logically follows that up-regulation of ATP means more available “fuel” to power cellular activity.

Recent research indicates that one of the mechanism that enables Red Light to deliver clinically proven up-regulation of ATP is related to how these specific wavelengths, (or “colors”) of light effect the viscosity of water within the mitochondria of each treated cell.

The ATP Synthase is a microscopic, biological “nano-machine” inside the mitochondria of most of the cells in your body, and is one of the most incredible mechanisms in the natural world! It is the smallest observed rotary motor in nature and produces ATP molecules as if it were running inside a factory! Atomic level protons turn the rotor, producing a mechanical action to build just the right molecules to power all the work your cells do everyday.

ATP SynthaseThe ATP Synthase builds ATP by mechanically adding one phosphate to abundantly available Adenosine Di Phosphate (ADP) employing it’s rotor and other surface features to make the physical attachment happen.

It has been theorized, (and convincing experiments have been conducted1) to show that Red Light increases ATP production by reducing friction between this tiny machine’s parts. A physicochemical reaction lowers viscous friction, with less friction, the motor can run faster when called upon to do so. Hence more ATP is produced and made available for the cellular work at hand.

Apparently it is this mechanism by which Red Light Therapy enhances the cellular responses so essential to the efficacy of every one of the new Stem Cell/Cytokine based topicals. Red Light powers the stimulative interaction between cosmeceuticals and tissue to repair damage and resist aging. This improves cosmetic outcomes while reducing invasiveness, discomfort and downtime.

Red Light Therapy is already powering the next generation of Cytokine based topicals and skin rejuvenation treatments. Practitioners “in the know” are already delivering dramatically better corrective and anti-aging skin rejuvenation by using the power of light to enhance the cellular responses so necessary to the mechanisms of modern Stem Cell/Cytokine based cosmeceuticals and services.

Topical delivery of Cytokines amplifies sophisticated biological cascades that induce new collagen production and increase the ability of cells to resist premature aging. And because Cytokines are the natural elements that drive healing, they have enormous potential rejuvenate. But to get results you can see, it is necessary to regulate, manipulate, target, and amplify the underlying cellular performance essential to how they work.

Induced precipitation of a variety of biological cascades related to healing, are amplified via topical delivery of Cytokines and powered by the stimulation of Red Light Therapy,  producing perhaps the most effective, non-invasive and naturally safe anti-aging mechanism ever observed, (at least for aging skin).

The Stem Cell/Cytokine based technologies & topicals of today, (and tomorrow) rely on amplification of the ability of the cells to work efficiently in order to maximize results, while minimizing things like discomfort, down time and side effects. And this is why the renaissance for Red Light Therapy is happening.

Producing corrective results and inducing resistance to aging at a cellular level engenders significant activity by, within and between cells. And all this “work” requires significantly more energy than does your routine skin cycle. So Red Light Therapy is essential to providing the enormous amounts of cellular energy required to take advantage of, and maximize the rejuvenative potential of the Stem Cell/Cytokine based topicals and services of today… and tomorrow!

  1. Sommer, A. P. et al. Light Effect on Water Viscosity: Implication for ATP Biosynthesis. Sci. Rep. 5, 12029; doi: 10.1038/srep12029 (2015).


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