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Seven Top Trends in Skin Rejuvenation

With almost 20 years experience in aesthetic and cosmetic skin rejuvenation, and daily “on the ground” experience with our team at SkinAssist Clinic in Denver we’ve seen a lot come and go. Here’s what we’re seeing for 2018 as we relax and take a breath during the summer, and look forward to a busy fall season.

  1. ProcellMDDeviceMicroneedling appears to have now become the most popular service in non-surgical skin rejuvenation ever. We get more calls for microneedling these days than for any other service. And with recent FDA clearance of a microneedling device imported from overseas, the field of competitors is set to explode as numerous players file applications for their own FDA clearances. We use The Made in America Procell Therapies Microchanneling and Microdermabrasion Multi-Tool, and have found nothing better when it comes to outcomes, comfort, safety, downtime, pain and side effects, (lots of the former and none of the latter)! And from what we see on a daily basis, there has never been a more effective tool for anti-aging than Procell’s microchannel delivery of cytokine based topicals. And with the stimulative effect of microchanneling and collagen induction we see real corrective results as well!

  2. Poly Rejuv on the FaceLED Light Therapy is powering the next generation of regenreative skincare products and immuno-stimulative treatments. With the advent of  cytokine based topicals that stimulate biologic response, and all the other things we do to use the inflammatory response to rejuvenate, (meaning microderm, chemical peels, microneedling, RF, LASER & IPL), LED has become an essential modality to drive the healing response required to see the best results. We’ve seen recovery time go from hours and days, to minutes and hours since we added POLY Red Light Therapy for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation, Blue Light for Acne and Infrared for pain. And the new hand held POLY Go LED pods are a wonderful retail product that helps our clients take the healing home!

  3. DiamondTome microdermMicrodermabrasion continues to delight clients with an effective and stimulating mechanical exfoliation. Impersonators come and go, but our DiamondTome has produced more happy clients over the past decade than any other device we have in the office. And ours has returned more than 30 Times our initial investment in that time! And with microderm continuing to appear in the top 5 most requested services (according to the annual ASAPS survey) our DiamondTome has become one of our most reliable sources of joy and revenue. It’s both a great way to introduce clients to aesthetic skin rejuvenation, and it keeps them coming back with the satisfaction and stimulation they feel with a monthly or quarterly treatment for years or even decades!
  4. microbladingMicroblading is fast becoming the industry standard for enhancing eyebrows. We recently started offering it at SkinAssist, and the ability to produce a natural textured look, combined with versatile shaping of the brow mean more satisfaction for the client, and more fun for the practitioner! We’re seeing all ages for uneven eyebrows in terms of shape and thickness. And we’re able to help clients who have experienced a loss of brow due to simple pre-mature aging, injury, medical treatment, and even chemotherapy.

  5. Intracel Before & AfterRF Microneedling continues to develop an impressive body of work for our clientele. We use the INTRAcel device to power TOTAL FACIAL RF, which works in  conjunction with POLY LED and cytokine based topicals to produce faster results in our older clients. The ability to do what used to require a LASER and a week or two of downtime with just one day of mild redness and swelling has truly revolutionized what we can do for deep wrinkles and laxity.
  6. NovaThreads Face LiftPDO Threads have come into their own as we have discovered just where and when they work best. Forget the “used car lot” promise of a non-surgical face lift, but keep in mind the ability to achieve significant facial volumization across broad areas for far less money than traditional fillers, reduce sagging and crepiness in the neck, and redefine sagging jowels. Our NovaThreads practice continues to grow. Our clients continue to see beautiful results, and we continue to help other practitioners learn the tricks and pearls that make PDO Thread practice successful.

  7. dermaplaneDermaplaning has become our “go to” service for that same day/next day need to look fabulous. Removal of peach fuzz and a gentle exfoliation are combined at our shop with LED Red Light Therapy and a cytokine/hyaluronic acid based topical moisturizer to give clients the immediate glow they want for that big event! 


Feel free to comment below and let us know what your seeing trend in 2018! Contact Us or call (800) 551-5582 to learn more about the services we offer at SkinAssist, or the services and technologies for which we offer devices, technologies and the most comprehensive training and certification.

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