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Cosmeceutical Product Infusion: A More Complete Picture

Everybody’s talking about infusing product after microderm; sometimes called hydro infusion, dermal infusion, suffusion, epi infusion, or clarifusion.

Penetrate skin care productsIs it really necessary? What’s it really all about? Will your clients buy it? Does it work?

Is infusion necessary? Well, once your client has experienced it, most will insist that it is!

Will your clients buy it? Your clients will buy it, once they’ve felt it! And you may want to add it, just to keep your microderm practice on the cutting edge.

Does it work? There are a number of methods for infusing topical skincare products currently being used: vacuum, LED, microneedling & ultrasound. Let’s look at each:

1. Vacuum: Newer microderm systems use vacuum to penetrate product to the D/E junction. While a number of company sponsored papers have been published,; we are not aware of independent data that establishes exactly how deep this mechanism delivers product.

2. LED (low level laser, cold laser, or light emitting diode): While LED has been clinically shown to stimulate improved local blood flow and mitochondrial DNA performance, thus delivering true anti-aging mechanisms; there is no published evidence that LED improved product penetration. But LED does kill acne bacteria, and reduces inflammation.

3. Microneedling is clinically proven to penetrate product into the dermis by creating tiny channels through which the product may flow. Microneedling produces small injuries to the skin which also produce skin rejuvenation, but it’s minimally invasive nature means it may not be appropriate for all patients as a mechanism for product penetration.

4. Ultrasound has been used in the therapeutic range, (up to 22 Watts) to penetrate drugs and other product into the skin an muscles for nearly a century. Ultrasound has been proven an effective and safe delivery method in hundreds of published studies & trials, and is proven to penetrate products to the dermal level with no injury to the skin.

We recommend that a full service skin care practice has access to each of the methods discussed here.

  • Vacuum assisted infusion feels wonderful, and is the perfect finish to a microdermabrasion treatment
  • LED is great for acne and anti-aging, and will also reduce inflammation after aggressive clinical treatments.
  • Microneedling not only helps penetrate product, it also produces resurfacing results that rival laser resurfacing, but without the downtime.
  • ClariFusion ultrasonic product infusion provides the least invasive and most clinically proven method for delivering product to the dermis.

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And if you are looking for more options, we also offer MedioStar dual wavelength diode hair removal & vascular removal & the Smartxide  DOT for fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.

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Summer Discount Announced for DiamondTome / ClariFusion Combo

If you’re considering adding (or upgrading) microdermabrasion at your skin care practice, and if you want to know the facts behind all the buzz regarding topical product “infusion”, contact us to get straight answers and find out if this summer might be the best time launch into the next phase of aesthetic skin rejuvenation.

Improve skin tone & textureDiamondTome has long been the industry standard for particle free diamond microdermabrasion. This Summer you can add DiamondTome at a special discount when combined with ClariFusion ultrasonic cosmeceutical infusion.

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Maximum Skin Lightening with ClariFusion

One of the most common issues that consumers want help with is skin lightening. Whether it’s years of sun damage, or simply a desire for a lighter, more even complexion , skin lightening is BIG business, and being able to offer a non-surgical, and non-laser solution for skin lightening will bring new clients and more business!

Here’s a protocol we’ve found success with, and hopefully you will too!

First, perform a 2 pass medical microdermabrasion with the DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion system

Next, apply a generous amount of one of the following topical skin lighteners, (based upon your clients desire and skin condition).

  • 25% vitamin C, (the best one we’ve found is Pro-C Elite from A-Cute Derm)
  • 2% hydroquinone with Kojic and Azelaic Acid,  (we like Glo-Therapeutics Lightening Serum)
  • Or hydroquinone free lightening serum (we like Rubos Hyper-pigmentation Serum)

Next, apply ultrasound gel about 1/8 inch thick over the entire treatment area.

Then use the following settings on your Clarifusion trans-dermal ultrasound system: Use the 5cm, 3Mhz hand piece, continuous wave, 1.2 Watts, Time: 5 minutes.

Press the hand piece into place and start the ultrasound delivery. Keep the hand piece in motion making 1 to 2 slow passes over the entire treatment area.

Your client should report a consistent warming sensation as the ultrasound energy penetrates the product below the D/E junction. (Only ultrasonic infusion from ClariFusion can penetrate product to the dermal layer).

After 5 minutes, and 1 to 3 passes,  switch to the 1 cm hand piece,  and apply for 2 minutes around the lips and over the nose.

At the end of the session your clients dermis will be saturated with with the maximum dose of skin lightener. This means fast, long lasting results! Make sure she picks up a retail size of your lightening product for nightly at-home maintenance.

For maximum skin lightening effects treat every 2-3 days with ClariFusion Ultrasound for 6 sessions, while bumping up the wattage .2 Watts per session up to the maximum of 2.2 Watts.

For the best exfoliation results, combine with DiamondTome every 3rd session. Her skin will glow, and You’ll have a client for life!

Maintenance sessions should be performed monthly with the full combination of DiamondTome, Lightening Product, and ClariFusion Ultrasonic Infusion.

You may also combine the ClariFusion skin lightening protocol with UltraPlus VPL photo-facial treatments and Reaction skin tightening and facial contouring therapy for a complete package of skin lightening and facial rejuvenation for your clients.

Contact Mountain Coast Distributors to learn more, to schedule a demonstration, or with your questions about the most effective therapies in aesthetic practice.
And you can always call us at (303) 489-9203