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Trade Show Season discounts are in Full Swing!


Trade show season is in full swing, and we have some fantastic discounts available on the Smartxide DOT Fractional CO2, DiamondTome’s new DT2, combining microderm and cosmeceutical infusion in one platform, and on UltraPlus VPL, the most powerful IPL system on the market today.

And if you need high speed hair removal, the MedioStar from Asclepion can do a man’s back in under 5 minutes! And the discount on MedioStar is impressive!

If You’re in the market give us a call!

We’ve got financing starting as low as 5.9% and these discounts can save you tens of thousands!

Send us a message via email, or call 303-489-9203 and find out how much our trade show discounts can save you, how our on site training and certification can ensure your success, and get the scoop on payment plans that can make your aesthetic practice profitable from day one!

We look forward to hearing from you!

DiamondTome & FCI Revolutionize non-ablative skin rejuvenation!

Fractional Collagen Induction Logo  Fractional Collagen Induction microneedling, C.I.T.  DiamondTome microderm DiamondTome is the industry standard for crystal free microdermabrasion. Fractional Collagen Induction (FCI) is an advanced system for microneedling. Combining DiamondTome and FCI in a proprietary new treatment protocol offers the best “results to downtime” ratio in the history of skin rejuvenation. Before & After FCI, CIT, microneedling, acne scar           With DiamondTome & FCI the aesthetician can, without a laser (and without the risks and restrictions that go along with resurfacing lasers and laser therapies), produce results that are better than sub-ablative, better than erbium, and approaching fractional CO2! All with less than 24 hours downtime! And at a price that’s a fraction of the cost of a resurfacing laser! Contact us for pricing, to view exclusive before and after pictures, to learn more, or arrange a demonstration of this revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment.

DiamondTome “Spring Saver” Discount ends May 31, 2013

DiamondTome / NewApeel microderm machineThis is the final week to take advantage of our 2013 “Spring Saver” sale on DiamondTome and NewApeel crystal free diamond microdermabrasion systems. Discount pricing expires at midnight, May 31st! So let’s talk right away to make sure your practice can take advantage of the lowest prices of the year for the industry standard DiamondTome and NewApeel microdermabrasion systems.

Contact us this week to find out about discount pricing, free shipping, free on-site training and certification, a money back guarantee, financing up to five years and other free goodies we’ll include if you mention this post!

There won’t be a better price on DiamondTome & NewApeel this year, so contact us today to find out how much you can save!

UltraPlus VPL IPL
And find out about our “Summer Saver” program, beginning in June.  All summer long we’ll be helping aesthetic practices add hair removal, acne treatment, photo-facial & vascular treatments with the UltraPlus system form Energist, at discount prices lower than ever before.

And if you’re looking for the most sophisticated laser resurfacing system, we’ll be running the Summer Saver for the Smartxide DOT, fractional CO2 laser, (also with free shipping and certified on-site training).

Dot Therapy Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing

MedioStar neXT hair removal laserDo you need a high capacity hair removal laser for your busy laser hair removal practice. We’re introducing the MedioStar neXT from Asclepion. It’s the fastest, most comfortable hair removal laser in the world, and is being introduced at the lowest price possible. MedioStar’s dual 810/950nm diode technology means years of worry free operation, less painful hair removal, and the addition of a high powered solution for visible blood vessels.


And if you already have a DiamondTome, (or any other microdermabrasion machine), find out about ultrasonic cosmeceutical infusion with the ClariFusion system. It’s a wonderful addition to your microderm practice that will enhance your client’s outcomes, and improve your bottom line! ClariFusion ultrasound MachineIt’s especially useful for fast, long lasting skin lightening treatments.

Let’s Talk! Contact us today to get all the details and specific pricing for aesthetic technologies that will keep your practice ahead of the curve and able to meet the needs of your ever expanding client base!