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Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek

Adrienne Stewart, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist, and she is passionate about helping people feel comfortable in their own skin!
With nearly 30 years experience helping people with their medical and cosmetic dermatological needs. She’s always on top of the latest developments in skincare and offers both the newest  scientific breakthroughs, as well as the time tested, proven treatments and  technologies to improve her patient’s lives.
Adrienne Stewart

At Dr. Stewart’s prestigious aesthetic and clinical dermatology practice Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek, she also sees medical dermatology patients for everything from complete body checks to in-office cancer surgeries, acne, warts, and rashes. Many times a patient will come in for a cosmetic treatment, and Dr. Stewart will notice a medical problem with the patient’s skin and can address that need.

Dr. Stewart believes that, even though many of the procedures and treatments she offers are primarily for cosmetic purposes, they are still medical procedures that should be administered under the care of the most qualified type of medical doctor for skin care—a board-certified dermatologist.

Contact Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek to learn more about which procedure is best for you based on your skin’s condition, and schedule an appointment with our outstanding specialists.

Located at 3300 East 1st Avenue Suite 400 Denver, CO 80206 (Get Directions). Call today to arrange your private skin consultation with Dr. Stewart and her team of skin specialists today! Call 303-333-6060!

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NovaThreads – PDO Threads -Injectable Directional Soft Tissue Molding & Volumization
NeuroMed Numbing Creams  – Over the Counter Topical Numbing Creams
SmoothCool – Intense Pulsed Light & Skin Cooling Platform
MELASER – Dyes Blonde, White & Light Hair for LASER/IPL Hair Removal
Intracel – RF Microneedling for Acne Scars and Neck Tightening
DiamondTome DT2
 – Altair Instruments’ Dual Microderm/Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
ProCell Therapies  – Dermabrasion, Microchanneling, Stem Cell Therapy & Hair Regrowth
TOTAL FACIAL RF – Up to six proven modalities deliver a TOTAL skin rejuvenation experience
NeuViva – CO2 LASER Feminine Rejuvenation
Livra – A Complete Skin Rejuvenation and Maintenance Solution
Edge One – Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Feminine Rejuvenation
NewApeel – Crystal Free Microdermabrasion system
NewSurg – 532 Diode for vascular and pigment
ProFx – 3 Stage Aqua Facial (analog controls versus Hydrafacial®)
Epilab SmoothPulse – German Diode LASER Hair Removal
Hormone Therapy Centers of America – Pellet Therapy

Exponential Faces – Sell all the top skin care lines without stocking!
ClariFusion – Ultrasonic Cosmeceutical Infusion System
IntraGen – Grid RF for Vaginal & Skin Rejuvenation