Illuminate LED Red – Reduce Inflammation/Anti-Aging


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660 nm Red Light Therapy produces collagen, reduces inflammation, encourages lymphatic drainage, up-regulates ATP, speeds numbing cream effect,  and improves cellular communication. Many research studies show human cells respond best to red light in much the same way that plant cells benefit from sunlight. It is healthy for your skin to be in the sun. You already know that. The sun’s UVB energy is what your body uses to make Vitamin D. Unfortunately, UVB, 280nm – 315nm, also gives you a sunburn and has been shown to cause accelerated aging and other problems for your skin. Illuminate uses narrow-band, 660 nanometer Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs. Illuminate does not generate any ultraviolet energy. Your skin will not get sunburned from using Illuminate. Skin has a window of lowest attenuation from 650 nanometers to about 900 nanometers, nm. What this means is that the healing energy from Illuminate’s 660 nm LEDs can penetrate deeper into the skin. Many studies have been conducted to document the cellular processes with 660 nm LEDs. Cellular processes improve the most from 660nm to 680 nanometers with a fast falloff of efficacy above 680 nm. Therefore, we chose 660 nm, Deep RED LEDs to provide the most penetration while simultaneously providing the most efficacy.

Technical Specifications

Warranty 5 Years
Weight 4.5 lbs
Optical Power 30mw/cm2
Power Supply 120v, 240v
Active Area 18.25″ X 11.25″
Optical Energy 6000 Joules
Input Voltage 24 Volts
Input Power 60 Watts
Wavelength 660 nanometers

The Illuminate LED Panel is Designed and Built in America.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz