DM50002 – DiamondTome DT2


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The DiamondTome DT2 combines genuine DiamondTome crystal free microdermabrasion with HydroPlus product infusion in one elegant platform.

Featuring a digital display, next generation sound suppression, a smaller footprint and a sleek design, the DiamondTome DT2 switches seamlessly between traditional crystal free microderm, (using the original, patented DiamondTome wands) and wet product infusion with the HydroWand.

Don’t make the mistake of getting “locked in” to the proprietary products that other systems make you use.

Incorporate your clinic’s line of skin care products into your microderm treatment by adding a wonderfully wet and soothing finish with the Hydrowand for wet product infusion.

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That’s right; the DiamondTome DT2 lets you use the skin care products you already know and love, (and want to sell more of) in a luxurious exfoliation & wet product infusion procedure that will make your clients say WOW!

Use DT2 in combination with Edge One Fractional CO2 resurfacing or SmoothCool Intense Pulsed Light, SmoothPulse LASER hair removal, or ClariFusion to design a custom treatment for each client!

And when you “compound” custom skin care formulations for infusion with the DiamondTome DT2, you can educate your client about the products you mix up right there in the wand, and that helps the client to purchase the products you know they need.

Contact us for more information, or to schedule a demonstration of next great aesthetic treatment with the DiamondTome DT2!

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Weight 45.0 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 16 in