Blossom Skin & Serum Enhancement Wand



The Blossom skin & serum enhancement wand enhances the appearance of your skin by enhancing the penetration of all the marvelous skincare products your buy.

The top layers of your skin are designed to protect you by keeping all the nasty things floating around your environment out. This sophisticated barrier keeps out viruses, bacteria, dirt, oil, allergens and other irritants that can cause your skin to age prematurely.

The flip side of that benefit, is that the barrier layers of your skin actively prevent penetration of the expensive skin care serums and moisturizers you want IN your skin!

Blossom creates tiny microchannels in those barrier layers that can increase product penetration by up to 300%. And this means the collagen you want to blossom and rejuvenate your skin can better benefit from the topical products recommended by your aesthetician, dermatologist, nurse or other skin care professional.

With Blossom you’ll feel the difference when you apply product to your skin, and your skin will love you for it!


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