MELASER is the first clinically proven hair bulb dye enabling LASER & IPL hair removal of light, blonde, light facial hair and white hair.MELASER Blonde Laser Hair Removal

MELAER is revolutionizing the world of LASER and IPL Hair Removal.

Together with the Procell Therapies MicroChanneling system, MELASER quickly and effectively delivers liposome encapsulated dye via micro-channels directly to the follicular bulb, resulting in a robust target for Light Based Hair Removal.


MELASER Before & After

MELASER LASER Hair Removal Dye







MELASER & Procell Dye Light Hair for LASER Hair Removal

MELASER Dyes the Hair BulbLiposomes

liposome is a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. The liposome can be used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Liposomes can be prepared by disrupting biological membranes (such as by microneedling or micro-channeling).

The application of these advanced liposomes to effectively dye the follicular bulb to achieve LASER & IPL Hair Removal in blonde, white and light hair is here today.

Contact Us to learn how you can add MELASER & Procell to your LASER/IPL Hair Removal practice and start offering the HOLY GRAIL of LASER Hair Removal – removal of blonde, white & light hair to your clients today!

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