NewApeel & DiamondTome DT2 microdermabrasion and product infusion produces real results that your clients can see! Take a look at these Before & After photos!

Before and After 6 DiamondTome Tx

DiamondTome for Scar - Before        After 8 DiamondTome Tx
Tone and Texture Before and After DiamondTome

Texture Before & After DiamondTome

Pores Before DiamondTomePores After 6 DiamondTome Tx






DTomeAcne003BeforeAcne After DiamondTome






Skin Tone Before and after DiamondTome

Tone and Texture before DiamondTome      DTomeCrapinessAfter

Acne Before DiamondTomeDTomeAcne002After








Skin Texture Before DiamondTomeSkin Texture After 6 DiamondTome Tx

Mountain Coast Distributors is your source for NewApeel, the DiamondTome DT2 and a number of other advanced aesthetic technologies including:

Mountain Coast Distributors is your source for advanced Aesthetic Technologies – (303) 489-9203

TOTAL FACIAL RF – Up to six proven modalities deliver a TOTAL skin rejuvenation experience
ProCell Therapies  – Dermabrasion, Microchanneling, Stem Cell Therapy & Hair Regrowth
NovaThreads – PDO Therapy -Injectable Directional Soft Tissue Molding
POLY – Multi-Wavelength LED Therapy for Skin, Acne & Pain
SmoothCool – Intense Pulsed Light & Skin Cooling Platform
DiamondTome DT2 – Altair Instruments’ Dual Microderm/Cosmeceutical Infusion Platform
Intracel – RF Microneedling for Acne Scars and Neck Tightening
NeuViva – CO2 LASER Feminine Rejuvenation
ProFx – 3 Stage Aqua Facial (analog controls versus Hydrafacial®)
Edge One – Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Feminine Rejuvenation
Hormone Therapy Centers of America – Pellet Therapy
NewApeel – Crystal Free Microdermabrasion system
NewSurg – 532 Diode for vascular and pigment
Exponential Faces – Sell all the top skin care lines without stocking!
NeuroMed BLT – OTC Topical Numbing Creams
ClariFusion – Ultrasonic Cosmeceutical Infusion System
IntraGen – Grid RF for Vaginal & Skin Rejuvenation
Epilab SmoothPulse – German Diode LASER Hair Removal
MELASER – Dyes Blonde, White & Light Hair for LASER/IPL Hair Removal


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