Fri. July 9th, 2021 PDO Threads Training, Colorado Springs

CLICK HERE to sign up to learn the latest in PDO Thread Techniques on Friday July 9th, 2021 from one of the most accomplished practitioners in the world: Lisa Jenks, MD. and Dermaesthetic Consulting

Whether you want Medical Certification so you can add PDO threads to your aesthetic practice, or to update & enhance your existing skills, Dr. Jenks’ “hands-on” instruction includes a review of the basics & the latest advanced techniques, tips and pearls, and the highest quality American Made PDO threads, NovaThreads.

Dr. Jenks’s next PDO Threads course is coming up soon:

Friday, July 9th, 2021 at Genesis Medspa in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado!
  • Small Group of 5 or less
  • Just $2,500.00
  • See the new American Made Infinity Plus & Barb5, Smooth & Twist Threads.
  • Novathreads, The most sophisticated, strongest, longest lasting PDO Threads on the market are used during all procedures.

Before and after 18 Barbed and 40 Smooth/Twist Novathreads
(Courtesy of Sharon Higuchi, NP-C)

CLICK HERE to sign up


  • Begin the day with a complimentary catered breakfast
  • Hear a Concise Lecture/Didactic on PDO Threads
  • Get plenty of hands-on practice
  • Observe & Experience Dr. Jenk’s & your peers’ hands-on practice
  • Break for a Catered lunch
  • More hands on, until each student grasps all techniques
  • Comprehensive course workbook detailing theory and guidelines
  • PDO Threads Certification / Certificate of Completion (Suitable for Framing)
To sign up just CLICK HERE.

Contact us or call (800) 551-5582 to register, get answers, or for more information.

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