Epilfree Home Care Kit

EpilFree At-Home Permanent Hair Reduction

Our concern in these challenging times is for our loved ones and yours, and then also relationships and business. Relationships will get us through. And then we can all get back to the business of serving one another.

With that in mind an “at-home” beauty item to maintain those good looks, and keep you connected with your clients is here!

Epilfree is a post wax treatment that gives LASER hair removal results without the LASER, (no doctor required). The procedure is typically performed in the spa, post waxing.

And while we encourage you to stock up on Epilfree’s professional products for when business returns to normal, we know that during this disruption, you and your clients are looking for something that can be done at home to maintain beauty, stay connected, and stay sane!

So we’re offering a way for you to connect with your clients about an at-home treatment for permanent hair reduction – it’s the home care kit from Epilfree. 

Epilfree Home was created to enhance and maintain the results of professional, “in-spa” services. But in times like these Epilfree Home can be the first step toward hair reduction now, and even more successful hair removal later!

Get your Epilfree Home Care Kits RIGHT HERE and connect with your clients until things return to normal!

Contact us, or call (800) 551-5582 with any questions about Epilfree Home or any of our Industry Leading Technologies & Training:

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