Better Results: Altair DiamondTome DT2 w/ AHA Chemical Peel

A novel combination treatment brings DiamondTome crystal free microdermabrasion together with an AHA chemical peel to produce immediate skin rejuvenation results without downtime.

Altair DiamondTome DT2In the summer of 2014 Altair Instruments, Inc. introduced the new “DT2“, or DiamondTome 2 skin resurfacing and cosmeceutical infusion system.

The new platform combines DiamondTome microdermabrasion, (the aesthetic industry standard) with “HydroPlus” vacuum assisted infusion of cosmeceuticals. If you’d like to learn more about the DT2 system and how it works, please contact us.

DiamondTome DT2 With Glycolic Peelthe DT2 is the first and only system to allow the aesthetician to choose the products to infuse. This gives the person with the most expertise on each client’s skin the ability to select skin specific products for use both in the clinic, and at home.

We have received excellent feedback from our clients who are using DT2 to exfoliate with the traditional DiamondTome wand, and then using the Hydrowand to infuse a light glycolic acid peel. They report that clients feel a deep stimulation, and can see an immediate brightening that delights them!

A series of three to six treatments is recommended, depending on skin condition, and the average retail price is $175 per treatment.

DT2 combines exfoliation with a light AHA chemical peel infusion and that keeps our clients ahead of the competition when it comes to non invasive skin care with BIG results and no downtime!

You may contact us or call (303) 489-9203 to find out about treatments, pricing, training, discounts & how DT2 is revolutionizing non invasive “no downtime” skin rejuvenation. We love to talk skin, and we have tips, equipment and training that will make your practice more fun, more profitable and more effective!

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