The 30 Day Acne Clearing Program with UltraPlus VPL and DiamondTome

Acne before the 30 Day Acne Clearing Program

Acne before the 30 Day Acne Clearing Program

1 week after the 30 day Acne Clearing program

1 week after the 30 day Acne Clearing program






An exciting new combination therapy  features a series of DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion sessions with UltraPLus VPL Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments for faster, longer lasting results.

The 30 Day Acne Clearing Program is an in office medical treatment performed by your doctor or skin care professional.

An initial double pass DiamondTome treatment, followed by daily, at-home topical treatment using SwissTEC’s Clarifying Elixir & Mattifying Serum for one week.

The second single pass DiamondTome treatment is performed at the start of week 2, immediately prior to treatment with the UltraPlus VPL 415nm (blue) applicator.

Another VPL treatment is performed at least once more that week, and at least twice per week for 3 more weeks.

A single pass DiamondTome diamond microdermabrasion is performed at week 3 and week 4, immediately prior to VPL treatment.

Daily application of the SwissTEC serum continues throughout the program at home according to the instructions on the label, or as directed by your doctor or aesthetician.

At the end of 30 days, when you compare the before and after pictures, you’ll be amazed at the clarification you see!

Suggested retail pricing for the package is $1250.00.

Ask your doctor or skin care professional if they offer the “30 Day Acne Clearing Program” with DiamondTome and UltraPlus VPL. If they don’t, please ask them to Contact Mountain Coast Distributors to learn more, to schedule a demonstration, and to receive Chapter 1 of our free E-book on Maximizing their Skin Care Practice. And as always they may call us directly at (303) 489-9203.

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