Microdermabrasion for Photo Damage


Healthy but Photodamaged Skin

Healthy but Photodamaged Skin

A study conducted by James M. Spencer MD, MS evaluated the effectiveness of microdermabrasion for photo damage. Dr. Spencer’s study revealed that regular microdermabrasion treatments, (like the diamond microdermabrasion provided by the DiamondTome family of microderm machines) improves photo damaged skin.

Photo damage is one of the most common problems with aging skin. What is it? Photo damage occurs when the skin is exposed to damaging UV rays from the sun and manifests in many ways including fine lines, wrinkles, sensitive skin, freckles, brown spots and even skin cancer.

Dr. Spencer said, “Dynamic skin analysis demonstrated a perceptible decrease in skin stiffness and an increase in skin compliance.” What that means is firmer, smoother, more hydrated skin with a more compact and resistant outer layer that protects the underlying skin much better! your skin will look younger, but it will also be healthier!

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