Does DiamondTome Microdermabrasion Cost More Than Crystal Microdermabrasion?



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DiamondTome crystal Free microderm








Actually crystal free diamond microdermabrasion, (like DiamondTome) has become the industry standard and is typically priced about the same or even less than traditional crystal microdermabrasion! Prices are typically between $75 & $150, with medical spas and day spas charging less, and Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons charging more. Some of the advantages you’ll get when you opt for crystal free diamond microdermabrasion, (like NewApeel with the HydroWand Facial):

  • No crystals in your hair, ears, nose or mouth
  • no crystals embedded in the skin
  • faster and more effective combinations of masques, peels and light based therapies
  • Diamonds are sharper so there will be more exfoliation with less irritation
  • You can actually see everything exfoliated at the end of the treament