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HydroWand Facial® vs HydraFacial®… what should I do?

If you are considering upgrading your microdermabrasion practice to include dermal infusion of skincare products, (like Silk-Peel, HydroWand Facial, or HydraFacial) you likely have some questions. We put the following questions to Pam Boosalis of Bosali Skin Care in Denver Colorado to get her opinion on upgrading…

1. How much does it cost?

2. How much can I charge?

3. Which products do I use?

4. Which machine does the best job?

“Pam, these are the questions we hear most out there. Can you give us your opinion?”

1. How much does it cost? “The HydroWand Facial upgrade for DiamondTome and NewApeel systems is just $2000.00. And even if you don’t yet have a DiamondTome microderm system you can get their top of the line medical microderm, with the HydroWand Facial for under $12,000.00. I recall that the hydrafacial started at $12K for their “bare bones” model and went up to over $25K for their “medical” model.” So you can spend anywhere from $2000.00 up to $25,000.00. I’ve tried them all, and here’s what I found.”

“For me the choice was between the industry standard for crystal free microderm, (DiamondTome, which I’ve used for over 10 years) and their HydroWand Facial, or the  hydrafacial machine. I got the hydrafacial, but I never stopped using my DiamondTome because my clientele, (and new clients) already know and love microderm. So I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel with my marketing. And I knew that even though it had acheived some “buzz” hydrafacial could be a fad… here and gone in the next couple of years. Whereas microderm has been one of the most popular treatments in the industry for over 10 years, and continues to be the leading cornerstone treatment in skincare. So I had both machines for a couple of years. Then DiamondTome introduced the HydroWand Facial upgrade and I decided that the smart thing to do was to build on my DiamondTome and get the HydroWand Facial. The fact that it cost less was an added bonus. I just like it better, and so my clients.”

2. How much can I charge? “In my area microderm goes for about $100. I’ve seen hydrafacial for as little as $150, and as high as $350, with other infusion treatments falling in that same price range. We’ve positioned the HydroWand Facial at $160 in our practice, and we find that it’s an attractive price point that brings clients in. And because we only use between $1.00 and $3.00 worth of product, we don’t have the extreme overhead of using proprietary products that lock us in to high disposables cost. And by using the products I already retail, I’ve increased retail sales, and that’s always a good thing!”

3. Which products should I use? “One thing I like about my HydroWand Facial is that I can use the products I already retail. And these are products that I already know. I have lot’s of experience with them, so I know which products will work in the case of Acne, for skin lightening, for anti-aging, for plumping fine lines, for dry skin, for oily skin… Every experiences aesthetician has a number of products that she uses, (and retails) in her practice. I’ve been able to put together different serums for different clients, and then make recommendations about what they should buy to take home. It’s good for business, and more importantly, its good for my clients skin. They love it!!”

4. Which machine does the best job? “Well, when it comes to exfoliation there is nothing like the DiamondTome. If you look in the phone book in my area you’ll see that 90% of the dermatologists use DiamondTome. And that’s because it’s hands-down the best method for exfoliating skin. When I did a side by side test with a crystal machine, DiamondTome was better. The quality of the exfoliation was obvious. All I had to do was touch the skin and I could feel the difference. It was like feeling silk next to a denim jacket… not even close!  I also did a side by side test against hydrafacial, and there’s just no comparison when it comes to that smooth, fresh exfoliation. DiamondTome is the industry standard for a reason…”

“Now, when it comes to product infusion, the thing that impressed me about doing the HydroWand Facial is the fact that the product I’m infusing goes into the skin. It doesn’t drip all over the face and all over the client. If you’re “infusing” product then the product should go into the skin, right… It shouldn’t run down the face and into a towel. With the HydroWand Facial I have very little over-flow, very little wasted product. and that tells me that the product is getting infused. With other devices the product might be going into the skin, I can’t really tell, but I can tell that it’s going everywhere else!”

“Oh, and I love the fact that my HydroWand Facial machine never clogs! It’s so simple and easy to use, and I can always count on it being there when I need it and performing exactly as I expect it to.”

“So, as a skin care practitioner who has used every type of machine, I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about infusion, or suffusion, or hydradermabrasion, or hydro dermabrasion, or whatever you want to call it, (I’ve also heard it called dermal infusion and hydrodermabrasion and hydra dermabrasion, hydra-dermabrasion and hydro-dermabrasion), whatever you want to call it, the HydroWand Facial from DiamondTome is, to me anyway the best machine out there. you should at least compare it against the others and form your own opinion.”

“It’s less expensive and gives a better treatment. And I’m not locked into buying someone else’s skin care products. I mean, I’ve been doing this for more years than I’d like to admit, and I think I know a thing or two about product. I’m happy to use my private label products and the other products that have proven to be the best over the years. and with DiamondTome I still can provide the best microderm treatment in the business. And DiamondTome microderm is still one of the best treatments to bring in new clients.”

So my advice is that before you go out and drop lots of money on a new machine, take a look at DiamondTome and  their HydroWand Facial. for my money it’s the best investment I could have made!”

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