Mountain Coast at the IECS Show in Vegas June 18-20 Booth 1862

Meet Doug McBurney and the whole crew in Vegas the weekend of June 18th at the Las Vegas Convention Center where the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa show will be the biggest event in town! Stop by Booth 1862.

DiamondTome, NewApeel and the all new HydroWand Facial take center stage as skin care professionals from across the fruited plain come together to learn the latest advances in aesthetic skin care, business development, spa management, and new sources of revenue!

There will be a show special discount that will make the IECS the place to buy your new DiamondTome, NewApeel or HydroWand Facial system! It’s so big we can’t tell you about it here, but we’ll have all the scoop in Vegas. Hope to see you there! Booth 1862

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