Aesthetic Technologies – DiamondTome & ClariFusion at the IECS Vegas!

Aesthetic technologies take a giant leap forward as Mountain Coast Distributors features DiamondTome and GemSonic Infusion at booth number 1453 at the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Show at Caesars Palace in fabulous Las Vegas! April 23-26, 2010

Bound Medical has been installing and training successful DiamondTome practitioners for over 10 years and will be demonstrating DiamondTome while dispensing invaluable business pearls that have helped their clients achieve success with the most popular and profitable aesthetic enhancements!

Both DiamondTome crystal free microdermabrasion and ClariFusion, (DiamondTome with transdermal ultrasound) for medical level exfoliation and topical skincare product penetration will be on display and available for demonstration!

If you’re already having success, or need to add something new and exciting, the time is right find out if DiamondTome and Gemsonic Infusion are a fit for what you do.

Can’t make the show, or do you need more information? We can send you references who will confirm that DiamondTome and ClariFusion can easily return two or three times the investment in just the first year, and tell you how they’ve been an important step in building their aesthetics practice. Imagine writing off the entire investment under IRS section 179, and being profitable from day one with the 2nd most popular non-invasive enhancement in the nation!

Contact Us to learn more now, and to receive Chapter 1 of our free ebook on Maximizing your Microdermabrasion Practice. And you may call us at (303) 489-9203.